What makes BVNE tournaments so special?

BVNE is only home for players who want to play their very first tournament, and continue playing all the way through the start of their college career.

We have hosted so many players at their very first beach tournaments we can’t even count them anymore. The BVNE team has been hosting college recruiting showcase tournaments since 2014. We were there when the NCAA officially made “sand” volleyball a championship sport, able to recruit beach volleyball players independent of indoor teams. We were there when the NCAA decided that sand volleyball was no longer, and it would finally be called beach volleyball just as it always was. Since the days when we were an off season tournament to today, operating local, regional, national, and affiliate events, it’s been very rewarding to see players start at out and improve their finishes year over year.

Beach Volleyball National Events is a family company. BVNE was founded by Daron Forbes, and its operations are supported by her husband Tony Occhionero. This team, and the beach volleyball athletes and coaches that make up the complete team, thrive on challenges and loves to overcome when someone says that’s not possible. Both Daron and Tony are parents and have college and high school age sons and daughters. Tournaments are personal, and while nothing is perfect, BVNE always sets it standards the we would hope for our families. BVNE also strikes the balance between the highest quality and the most bang for your buck.