BreakWater Shades Sunglasses at BVNE

BreakWater Shades is back again to support BVNE with their eco friendly line of sunglasses. Today two lucky teams won a pair BreakWater sunglasses in the BVNE Club & High School beach volleyball tournament, one pair for each player!

This is just the first tournament of the season, and Breakwater will be part of the prize package at many of our events. BVNE beach volleyball tournaments are the best run events you will attend, with online pool play and playoff details, schedules, and full transparency of all records. Who won each pool, point differentials, it’s all available online. Check out our event from today and see all the details.

You can visit BreakWater Shades at, and BVNE can’t say thank you enough for helping support our players.