Opening Day at So Cal Beach Center in San Marcos – BVNE Beach Volleyball Tournaments

We can’t say thank you enough to the families that came out today to share the shade inside the So Cal Beach Center! We had a great day and would like to share all the photos and videos that we have so far.

Pool play and finals results are available online here:

Event results and rankings are available here:

Our next event in San Marcos is:
September 28th & 29th – San Marcos

Saturday AM Session 12U and 16U
Saturday PM session 18U
Sunday AM session 10U and 14U

Check in AM Session 7:30 AM & PM Session 1:30 PM

BVNE Beach Volleyball Tournament 9/8/2019

A big thank you to everyone who came out and helped us kick off the BVNE fall season! Results have been posted. Boys 14U and High School and all the girls divisions are on BVNE’s results. Share with your coaches!

We also have a lot of pictures from this weekend, and some video to be released soon. So for now, here’s all the pictures we have! Enjoy and thank you for coming to BVNE!

BreakWater Shades Sunglasses at BVNE

BreakWater Shades is back again to support BVNE with their eco friendly line of sunglasses. Today two lucky teams won a pair BreakWater sunglasses in the BVNE Club & High School beach volleyball tournament, one pair for each player!

This is just the first tournament of the season, and Breakwater will be part of the prize package at many of our events. BVNE beach volleyball tournaments are the best run events you will attend, with online pool play and playoff details, schedules, and full transparency of all records. Who won each pool, point differentials, it’s all available online. Check out our event from today and see all the details.

You can visit BreakWater Shades at, and BVNE can’t say thank you enough for helping support our players.

What makes BVNE tournaments so special?

BVNE is only home for players who want to play their very first tournament, and continue playing all the way through the start of their college career.

We have hosted so many players at their very first beach tournaments we can’t even count them anymore. The BVNE team has been hosting college recruiting showcase tournaments since 2014. We were there when the NCAA officially made “sand” volleyball a championship sport, able to recruit beach volleyball players independent of indoor teams. We were there when the NCAA decided that sand volleyball was no longer, and it would finally be called beach volleyball just as it always was. Since the days when we were an off season tournament to today, operating local, regional, national, and affiliate events, it’s been very rewarding to see players start at out and improve their finishes year over year.

Beach Volleyball National Events is a family company. BVNE was founded by Daron Forbes, and its operations are supported by her husband Tony Occhionero. This team, and the beach volleyball athletes and coaches that make up the complete team, thrive on challenges and loves to overcome when someone says that’s not possible. Both Daron and Tony are parents and have college and high school age sons and daughters. Tournaments are personal, and while nothing is perfect, BVNE always sets it standards the we would hope for our families. BVNE also strikes the balance between the highest quality and the most bang for your buck.

Fall 2019 Season is coming!

The Club & High School tournament series is coming back this September in TWO locations! We have a full schedule this fall and can’t wait to see everyone on the sand, in Santa Monica or at the SoCal Beach Center in San Marcos!

Sep 8th in Santa Monica
Sep 14 & 15 in San Marcos
Sep 22nd in Santa Monica
Oct 6th in Santa Monica
Oct 12 & 13 in San Marcos
Nov 2nd & 3rd in San Marcos
Nov 9th In Santa Monica
Nov 24th in Santa Monica
Dec 1st in Santa Monica

Dec 7th Championship in Santa Monica

The BVNE Club & High School Tournament Series is the best place for players to develop and improve every season! There’s no better way to fine tune new skills and level up your game.

With Divisions 1 through 5 for high school players there’s a spot for everyone to play against competitors of similar skills so more players make it through pool play and into finals. The toughest competitors can battle it out against each other in division 1! The 14U and 12U divisions offer the middle ground between high school play and experiencing your first tournament, and the 14U and 12U starters divisions by BVNE are the best place to play your first season of beach volleyball for new players!

BVNE comes to the SoCal Beach Center

After so many requests to bring BVNE to San Diego, we finally found a home in the San Diego area! Early in the summer of 2019 we visited the SoCal Beach Center. We met their team and saw their premium beach volleyball courts with entirely new equipment on clean, beautiful, sand. We’re in!!

The SoCal Beach Center is in San Marcos at 1601 San Elijo Road. It’s just inland from Encinitas, and closer than Oceanside and Carlsbad…and a lot closer than Santa Monica! We are bringing the BVNE Club & High School and Kauai Bikini Tournaments to the San Diego area, and can’t wait to see everyone.

Some come play beach volleyball…indoors where the sand won’t burn your feet and it won’t ever rain on your tournament! Our schedule is up!

The first event is September 14th & 15th with the Club & High School Tournament. then on the 28th & 29th the Kauai Bikini Tournament will make it’s first visit! Come play!