"No bench on the beach"™

Event Regulations for

JBCL Tournament Series for club and school teams



The BVNE Juniors Beach Club League™ provides intense competition and an alternative to the usual tournament series on the beach. Clubs and schools can register their teams, or co-ordinate sign ups with their players.


This page documents the event regulations for our events.


A.18.9 Event and Coaching Rules

  • A.18.9-1 Coaching is allowed before the game starts and on time outs. The players can talk with their coaches on time outs up to 3 min. Coaches are allowed to cheer for their players. Examples of cheering include "Good job", "Keep it going", etc. Coaching terms such as "Use the wind", "Serve angle", "Time out", are prohibited during play.
  • A.18.9-2 Refs will be responsible for setting a timer and letting both teams know there 3 min is up.
  • A.18.9-3 Coaches will not be allowed to stand on the side by their team.  They can stand on the ends of the court but stay in line with the other spectators.
  • A.18.9-4 The only people who can call a time out are the players on the court. At NO time can a coach call a time out.
  • A.18.9-5 There is a 15 min medical time out that is reported to the tournament desk by the refs. The tournament director is the only one who will decide if play will continue or if a forfeit is needed.
  • A.18.9-6 No coaches allowed on the court during game play.
  • A.18.9-7 Coaches are NOT allowed to talk to opponents during or immediately following the game.


B.17.12 Tournament Format

  • B.17.12-1 Events will be pool play followed by single elimination playoffs
  • B.17.12-2 Teams will be seeded in the beginning of the season based on club recommendation and previous level of play
  • B.17.12-3 There will be 5 divisions (1-5) for High School aged players
  • B.17.12-4 There will be regular and starter divisions for 14U and 12U
  • B.17.12-5 Events will be subject to reschedule and relocation due to inclement weather or dangerous conditions
  • B.17.12-6 There will be no limit to teams per club – unless venue space is limited


C.17.12 Divisions and Format

  • C.17.12-1 With a minimum of 16 teams, the top two teams in pool advance to gold bracket playoff and the bottom two to silver
  • C.17.12-2 Less than 16 teams will advance to one division
  • C.17.12-3 On most days, division 1 and 2 will be in the same pools, as will 3 and 4, 5 will be separate. Divisions may also be combined. The tournament director retains the right to make any modifications on site.


D.17.12 Teams:

  • D.17.12-1 Teams are comprised of players from the same high school or beach club. Teams are encouraged to remain the same for the season – teams will receive individual points for ranking. Players may switch partners in season. Teams will be seeded based on their combined points. Teams are not required to play every event – but are strongly encouraged to.


E.17.12 Uniforms:

  • E.17.12-1 Players will be required to wear matching tops or shirts with club name. We strongly recommend tops with names and numbers.


F.17.12 Cancellation/Lightning/Severe Weather Policy:

  • F.17.12-1 There will be no cancellations prior to the day of the tournament. At 6 am the day of tournament, if dangerous/hazardous weather exists an email will be sent out with instructions to everyone who had registered.
  • F.17.12-2 Play will be suspended if thunder is heard or there is a lightning strike within visual range of the tournament.
  • F.17.12-3 The tournament will not be canceled due to rain.


G.17.12 Player Transfer Rules:

  • G.17.12-1 Player transfers are subject to any contracts between the club and the player, and not regulated by the JBCL. In the event there are no contracts covering player transfers, players may transfer at any time no more than once per season.


H.18.9 Player Solicitation

  • H.17.12-1 At BVNE we ask all directors and coaches to refrain from soliciting players at the event as it is strictly probated.


I.18.11 Certifications and Background Screening

  • I.18.11-1 Beginning with the 2019 season coaches will be required to submit their SafeSport certification, or their USAV Beach CAP credentials. If neither of these are available, a background check is mandatory provided by the JVA. Any one of these certifications must be submitted before coaches will be allowed to work at the event.


J.18.11 Consequences

  • J.18.11-1 Failure to comply with these rules by a player or coach will result in a maximum of three warnings in any given season. The first warning will result in the loss of five points for the match being played. The second warning will result in the forfeit of the match being played. The third warning is dependent on who is being warned. The third player warning will result in forfeit of all remaining matches. The third coach warning will result in loss of club points for the season and ejection from the event. The tournament director has the right to eject any coach or player for any reason at any time.



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