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BVNE Club and High School Series Dates for 2019


The BVNE Club and High School Series provides the opportunity for high schools and beach volleyball clubs, and their players, to participate in organized single day tournaments with a championship event at the end of the season. High school divisions are not age based. This is great prep for college, especially since college players are not played by age, but ability instead. The Starters Division is a great place for new players in their first tournament.


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All events are planned for 1200 PCH in Santa Monica



2019 Spring Schedule

January 20th

February 17th

March 3rd

April 20st

May 19th

May 26th

June 2nd Summer Championship


2019 Fall Schedule

September 8th

September 22nd

October 6th

November 9th

November 24th

December 1st

December 7th Fall Championship



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Clubs and Schools register your organization here



Location Maps

1200 PCH




Check in time is between 8:00 and 8:30, team meeting at 8:45,

balls in the air by 9:00 am.


Perry's Cafe has advised us they will be open for all events!

We have a copy of their menu here!



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